Providing financial education and awareness to people, Wealthonic Capital and Financial Services, founded by PiyushShangari and headed by Director and C.R.O. Priyanka Guglani, has become a trusted name in the financial industry. With an emphasis on helping people invest their money in the right places, Wealthonic has achieved significant success with over 30,000 customers and approximately 500 CR AUM.

Leadership and Achievements

Priyanka Guglani, a B.Com Honours and M.Com graduate from Sri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi University, has been an instrumental leader in the company's success. The secret? Pure talent, dedication, and uninterrupted hard work. Weathonic's most significant achievement, thus, is how they provide for every customer by multiplying their wealth.

Wealth Creation for All

At Wealthonic, the focus is on wealth creation for each of its investors. With Priyanka's leadership and message to the youth, the company is poised to continue its success. Wealthonic has an integrated system of financial education for its customers. They learn about financial instruments available in the economy, Wealthonic aims to help people beat inflation rates and make the most out of their investments.

Message to the Youth

Priyanka emphasizes the importance of trusting oneself and making one's passion their profession.

"Success is nothing more than a few simple principles, practised every day"

With the current entrepreneurial climate, she stresses that hard work always pays off, and building trust with customers is crucial. The company has always taught its team to find the right solutions and build trust with their customers, the reason behind the success of any and every establishment.

With Priyanka Guglani's leadership and message to the youth, Wealthonic is poised to continue its success in building trust with its customers by helping them make the right financial decisions.