Tejaswini Pandit, a name that resonates with excellence in the world of Marathi cinema and television, has captured the hearts of audiences with her mesmerizing performances. Since her debut in Kedar Shinde's "Aga Bai Arrecha!" film, she has been a prominent figure in the Marathi entertainment industry. With her talent and dedication, she has etched her name as one of the finest actresses in the business.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Tejaswini Pandit was born on May 23, 1986, in Pune, Maharashtra, India. She hails from a family with a deep-rooted connection to the world of arts, which ignited her passion for acting from a young age. Her journey into the entertainment industry began when she ventured into the world of Marathi theater.

Debut in "Aga Bai Arrecha!"

Tejaswini Pandit's big break came with her debut in Kedar Shinde's blockbuster Marathi film, "Aga Bai Arrecha!" The film, released in 2004, showcased her acting prowess and marked her as a rising star in Marathi cinema. Her portrayal of a young and vibrant character was both endearing and unforgettable.

Venturing into Television

After making a significant impact in the world of Marathi cinema, Tejaswini ventured into television. She made her small-screen debut with Star Pravah's "Tuza Ni Maza Ghar Shrimantacha." Her presence on television screens was equally captivating, and she soon became a household name.

Iconic Roles

Tejaswini Pandit's career is studded with iconic roles that have left an indelible mark on the Marathi entertainment landscape. Some of her noteworthy performances include:

1. "Mee Sindhutai Sapkal": In this biographical drama, Tejaswini portrayed the inspiring journey of Sindhutai Sapkal, a renowned social worker and philanthropist. Her portrayal earned her critical acclaim and numerous awards, showcasing her ability to take on complex and emotionally charged characters.

2. "Tu Hi Re": This romantic drama film further solidified Tejaswini's reputation as a versatile actress. Her chemistry with co-stars added depth to her character, making the film a hit among audiences.

3. "Ye Re Ye Re Paisa": Tejaswini's versatility shines through in this comedy film, where she showcased her impeccable comic timing alongside an ensemble cast. Her ability to switch effortlessly between genres is a testament to her acting prowess.

Personal Life

Beyond her successful career, Tejaswini Pandit is known for her down-to-earth personality and dedication to her craft. She is often seen participating in social causes and charity work, reflecting her commitment to giving back to society.


Tejaswini Pandit's journey in the Marathi film and television industry is a remarkable tale of talent, hard work, and perseverance. From her memorable debut in "Aga Bai Arrecha!" to her outstanding performances in "Mee Sindhutai Sapkal," "Tu Hi Re," and "Ye Re Ye Re Paisa," she has consistently wowed audiences with her exceptional acting skills. Tejaswini Pandit is not just an actress; she is an inspiration for aspiring artists and a beloved figure in the hearts of Marathi entertainment enthusiasts. As she continues to shine, we eagerly anticipate her future projects and the magic she will bring to the screen.