The development of a country depends not only on the income of people but their longevity, quality of life, health care, and education. An individual who is capable of contributing in all three areas is actively contributing to the overall development of their country. Let’s talk about Dr. Nachiket Bhatia an entrepreneur with skills in multiple fields, specializing in e-learning in the medical field. As the CEO of DBMCI, Dr. Nachiket Bhatia is an individual who enjoys the simple idea of contributing to a field where the idea of technology e-learning and health merge. This is one of the first reasons why he is the CEO, transforming this organization from a not so meagre 5 crore loss-bearing organization to a highly profitable competitive organization with an revenue of 77 cr revenue in 2021-22 and now they are close to achieving a revenue close to 100 cr in 22-23 financial year

DBMCI: A journey with no shortcuts

In life there is truly no shortcut, it is either the hard way or no way at all. For the longest time, Dr. Nachiket Bhatia always understood this and realized that being successful as an MBBS student would require him to have much more knowledge than in the medical field only. For him, understanding life, education, and business organizations was a matter of experience and understanding. Soon, he was talking to as many people as possible to build his principles based on which he would carry out all operations later at DBMCI. Through his experiences and personal understanding of the job and business industry, he reckoned that this organization would be a high-end quality requirement in the future, and thus started a long journey of success. All thanks to the original roots that were established by his father, following his footsteps he was able to finally mould himself into similar leadership positions in the organisation.

The initial models of DBMCI were good enough, but with digital learning, and an understanding of the globalized and extremely technical world, Dr. Nachiket Bhatia knew how to expand its audience base of it to even rural and semi-urban areas of India. Let's not forget how everything here would have been impossible without the unparalleled efforts of Dr. Bhatia. His motive was always fixated on improving the quality of our nation by first targeting the roots of development, education, and healthcare. Proudly, he can claim today that all students of the organization have been able to outperform everyone else who sat for the entrance examinations in the last decade, receiving top ranks in NEET PG 2019. Even better, next year they secured seven out of the top ten ranks and recently this year NEET 2022 the No. 1 ranker was from- you guessed it- DBMCI!

Many learners- One goal

The first learner of this organization is Dr. Nachiket Bhatia himself. An individual full of enthusiasm and vigour to push forward and keep putting in efforts to make this organization the best one possible. It is not exactly just a profit oriented organization, the motive is to produce as many learned and successful doctors as possible through high-quality education at the most economical costs possible. One might think that it is an expensive program because of the success of DBMCI. However, through eGurukul it has been possible for students to admire Dr. Nachiket Bhatia even more since they now know that even when there is not much they can offer, there is a lot of knowledge they can receive through him. 

“Bhatia hai to bharosa hai” is what students believe in. They have belief in him, especially after how he offered entirely free classes for students with financial shortcomings, and funded the doctor Bhatia scholarship worth more than one crore rupees, making it available for all those that were devastated due to the current work that still rages on in Ukraine. He has taken care of many students in crisis, such as the ones who lost their parents and means of livelihood took over during the pandemic, giving them scholarships of 2.5 crores. Mentions must also be made of the two crore scholarships that went to EWS category.

The work behind the name

DBMCI truly is a successful organization, but it took a lot of hard work and turmoil to reach a position where students start relying on it. Every activity related to it goes through Dr. Nachiket Bhatia first, he is the sole individual responsible for strategizing methodologies, designing marketing tactics, relying on his values and the policies of his organization to foster student growth and provide top-notch learning features to meet up with the requirements of today’s students. In his eight years of working in the industry, he has been able to learn everything possible, besides his expertise as a doctor. Whether it is product designing, sales strategizing, or delivering prompt in-class solutions before medical examinations for all students, he has not only done it at all but mastered it. 

With the sole motive of establishing a healthy competitive environment in the student community, he desires to achieve a high rate of growth among students in every field and not just the medical, it is just that his contribution to the medical is cutting-edge.

Achievements and qualifications

For the curious minds, Dr. Nachiket Bhatia had completed his MBBS and E-Mode postgraduate program from Kashipur, Uttarakhand in the Indian Institute of Management. 

First, he decided to turn his five crore loss that suffered in 2018 into a booming 77 cr revenue in 2021-22 and now they are close to achieving a revenue close to 100 cr in 22-23 financial year. By 2022 DBMCI is not just popular, but also an extremely profitable business generating revenue in double digits. The expanse proceeded to providing education through E-gurukul and Ed-tech venture for students.

For his contributions Dr. Nachiket Bhatia has been featured in multiple papers like the Forbes top ten most innovative CEOs, business connect publication 30 under 30, business connect 2022 as the most influential leaders the youth of India Today should follow, and the Business Today top 100 CEOs. Considering he has also been a 2 times TEDx speaker, his popularity has only increased among the students.

One of the most valuable ones has been being featured in the Times of India with times 40 under 40. No better validation than the award of the best medical coach institute of the year 2022 handed out by the national education brilliance award (NEBA).