Abhishek Bensla, better known by his stage name MC Square, is an Indian rapper and composer who gained fame after his performance in the second season of MTV Hustle. With his distinctive style of composing lyrics in the Haryanvi language, MC Square has quickly become a rising star in the Indian hip-hop scene.

Born and raised in Palwal, Haryana, India, MC Square comes from a low-income family and had to overcome several obstacles before finding success. Despite limited resources, he managed to finish school and pursue a career in civil engineering. However, his passion for music led him to participate in MTV Hustle 2.0, where he quickly gained notoriety.

MC Square's powerful performance of "Badmas Chora" during the competition left the judges and the audience in awe. Despite being chosen only for the top 16, he became one of the most talked-about contestants of the season.

Apart from his successful stint on MTV Hustle, MC Square entertains his fans by sharing original music on Instagram. He has a distinctive flair, and his Haryanvi lyrics have resonated with many, making him a rising star in the Indian hip-hop scene.

MC Square is not just a rapper, but also a singer, songwriter, and guitarist. His unique style of composing music has already gained him a loyal fan base. With his undeniable talent and passion for music, MC Square is well on his way to becoming one of the most sought-after hip-hop musicians in India.

In conclusion, MC Square is a talented musician who has already made a name for himself in the Indian hip-hop scene. Despite the challenges he faced growing up, he persevered and pursued his passion for music, which has led to his success. With his unique style of composing music, MC Square is set to become one of the biggest names in Indian hip-hop.