Harsh Songra is a young entrepreneur and the founder of the app MyChild, which helps parents and caregivers screen children for developmental delays. His innovative app has earned him recognition and awards, including the Queen’s Young Leaders Award in 2016.

Harsh's inspiration for MyChild came from his own experience with dyspraxia, a neurological condition that affects coordination and movement. As a child, Harsh struggled in school due to undiagnosed dyspraxia. After finally receiving a diagnosis, he realized the importance of early screening and intervention for developmental delays.

Harsh’s app, MyChild, is a simple and accessible tool that allows parents and caregivers to quickly screen children for developmental delays. It has been praised for its ease of use and effectiveness in identifying children who may need further evaluation and support.

In addition to his work with MyChild, Harsh has also founded several other successful startups and has been recognized as a Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia honoree. He is a strong advocate for entrepreneurship and has spoken at numerous conferences and events on the topic.

Harsh’s innovative and impactful work is a testament to the power of technology to create positive change in the world. His dedication to improving the lives of children and families through his app is an inspiration to all those who seek to make a difference through entrepreneurship and innovation.