Aditi Gupta, an accomplished Indian author and social entrepreneur, has made significant strides in empowering young girls and breaking the stigma surrounding menstruation. As the co-founder of Menstrupedia Comic, she has pioneered a movement to educate and raise awareness about menstruation, offering a refreshing and much-needed perspective on a topic often shrouded in silence and shame. Recognized for her outstanding contributions, Aditi was honored in the prestigious Forbes India 30 Under 30 list in 2014. Today, she continues to inspire change and transform the lives of countless girls across the country.

Championing Menstrual Education:

Aditi Gupta, an alumna of the National Institute of Design, embarked on her journey to demystify menstruation and foster menstrual health education when she co-founded Menstrupedia Comic in 2012, alongside her husband. This innovative initiative seeks to empower girls by providing them with accurate and accessible information about menstruation, dispelling myths, and challenging social taboos.

Revolutionizing the Narrative:

Menstrupedia Comic, a trailblazing venture, combines storytelling, illustrations, and interactive elements to create an engaging and relatable platform for girls to understand and embrace their menstrual cycle. By addressing the dearth of reliable menstrual education resources, Aditi Gupta has played a pivotal role in transforming the narrative surrounding menstruation in India and beyond.

Impact and Recognition:

The impact of Aditi Gupta's work has been far-reaching. Menstrupedia Comic has reached millions of girls and women, equipping them with the knowledge and confidence to manage their menstrual health. By breaking down societal barriers, Aditi has paved the way for open conversations about menstruation, fostering an environment where girls no longer feel isolated or ashamed during their periods.

In 2014, Aditi Gupta's exceptional contributions were recognized when she was named in the Forbes India 30 Under 30 list. This accolade acknowledged her commitment to creating social change and driving innovation in the field of menstrual health education.

Continuing the Journey:

Aditi Gupta's mission to empower girls and promote menstrual health education is an ongoing endeavor. In addition to Menstrupedia Comic, she has expanded her initiatives by conducting workshops, collaborating with schools and NGOs, and advocating for policy changes to ensure menstrual hygiene is prioritized at a national level.

Aditi's vision extends beyond India, with efforts to reach girls in various countries and cultures. Through her tireless work, she aspires to create a world where menstruation is celebrated as a natural and healthy process, free from stigma and discrimination.


Aditi Gupta's unwavering commitment to empowering girls and challenging taboos surrounding menstruation has revolutionized the landscape of menstrual health education in India. Through her co-founding of Menstrupedia Comic, she has provided a much-needed resource for girls to gain knowledge, confidence, and a positive perspective on their menstrual cycles. Aditi's remarkable achievements, including being recognized in the Forbes India 30 Under 30 list, are a testament to her dedication and passion for creating a more inclusive and informed society. Her ongoing efforts continue to inspire change and transform the lives of girls across the nation, breaking barriers and paving the way for a brighter, more accepting future.