For those who are conscious about the events taking place in the world around us the importance of mental health and well-being is one that is clearly recognised. In today's day and age it is not just younger generations but people of all backgrounds irrespective of the differences in terms of age, gender orientation, religion and many other factors, who are finding the courage to express themselves and come out with their individual encounters while maintaining mental health and inner peace.

It is on this note that we introduce Dr Nabhit Kapur as one of the most famous and revered names in the mental health and well-being industry of India. During the recently held convocation at OPJS University, Dr Nabhit Kapur was honored with an Honorary Doctorate in Mental Health and Well-being Diplomacy in front of various dignitaries and VIPs. The guests included dignitaries from Uganda High Commission, Sudan Embassy, Liya mission and also member of legislative assembly of Delhi. An Honoris Causa are awarded by universities to recognize outstanding achievement of a person in a particular field or service to the broader community. As a pyschopreneur, author and TedX speaker, Dr Nabhit Kapur is a staunch believer in the fact that you must practise what you preach. This is why he himself has spent years and years mastering all that there is on this subject so that he could later go on to help those who seek assistance. Dr Nabhit Kapur recognises that the process of mental balance and inner peace is not one that can be so easily marginalised which is why his foundation has already found a niche in the industry. Indeed it is not just a requisite for individuals but also those working in corporate houses and other forms of employment as keeping up with the daily rat race can be too much for many.

Over the years one of Dr Nabhit Kapur's most successful ventures in his work as a psychopreneur is PeacfulMind Foundation and World leadrs of mental health. The major motto of Peacfulmind Foundation is to create a world which perceives mental well-being as a part of themselves and it is easier for society to talk about. Peacful Mind Foundation has been working to achieve this standard through constant training, workshops, and youth mental health advocacy programs as well as providing vigilance on a global scale. Peacful Mind Foundation is associated with the United Nations Global Compact through which it has been bringing both awareness as well as active change by including policy makers to discuss and dispute the existing mental health policies and standards. 

There is no doubt about it that being looked up to as a leading figure to individuals as well as organisations is an honour in itself. However, what is even more impressive is that Nabhit Kapur and Peacful Mind Foundation's efforts have been validated by being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Dr Nabhit Kapur's name was proposed by Dr. Milan Krajnc, Psychotherapist and Professor from Slovenia, and Honourable Dr. Ben Phiri, Member of Parliament, Malawi. This has been just the beginning for Dr Nabhit Kapur and Peacful Mind Foundation so make sure to stay updated to know more about their story.