Prateek Kuhad, the brilliant Indian singer-songwriter and musician, continues to mesmerize audiences worldwide with his soulful melodies and heartfelt lyrics. In an era of commercialized music, he stands as a beacon of authenticity, effortlessly bridging the gap between Hindi and English music. Best known for his captivating track "cold/mess," Kuhad has earned international acclaim while staying true to his independent roots.

Early Beginnings and Musical Journey

Born on November 3, 1989, in Jaipur, India, Prateek Kuhad's journey into music began at an early age. His passion for songwriting and playing the guitar led him to pursue a degree in mathematics and economics at New York University while honing his musical talents. The bustling streets of New York City served as the backdrop for his artistic development, inspiring many of his early compositions.

The Breakthrough: "cold/mess"

Kuhad's career took a significant turn in 2018 when he released "cold/mess," a hauntingly beautiful song that struck a chord with listeners around the world. The song's evocative lyrics and Kuhad's emotive vocals showcased his songwriting prowess. The accompanying music video, starring Jim Sarbh and Zoya Hussain, added a cinematic touch to this masterpiece.

International Recognition

"cold/mess" catapulted Prateek Kuhad to international stardom. The song's release on the American television series "Made in Heaven" further expanded his global reach. Its inclusion on the former President of the United States, Barack Obama's, 2019 playlist further solidified Kuhad's status as a musician of international repute.


Kuhad's discography is a treasure trove of heartwarming melodies and introspective lyrics. His debut album, "In Tokens & Charms" (2015), showcased his distinctive style and garnered attention within the Indian indie music scene. Songs like "Tune Kaha" and "Oh Love" became anthems for a generation seeking authentic musical experiences.

His second album, "cold/mess" (2018), was a turning point in his career, as discussed earlier. This album, consisting of songs like "with you/for you" and "fighter," solidified his position as a songwriter capable of exploring the intricacies of human emotions.

Singing in Two Languages

What sets Prateek Kuhad apart is his ability to seamlessly switch between Hindi and English, creating music that transcends linguistic boundaries. His bilingual approach allows him to connect with a diverse audience, and his lyrics resonate with people across the globe. Whether you understand the language or not, Kuhad's melodies and emotions are universally relatable.

Live Performances

Kuhad's live performances are a testament to his musical prowess and charismatic stage presence. He has graced numerous stages worldwide, from intimate gatherings to major music festivals, earning applause and adoration from fans and critics alike.

Impact and Legacy

Prateek Kuhad's impact on the Indian independent music scene cannot be overstated. He has inspired a new generation of artists to pursue their creative instincts without compromising their authenticity. Kuhad's commitment to crafting meaningful music has earned him a dedicated fan base and a place among the legends of Indian music.


Prateek Kuhad's journey from the streets of Jaipur to international acclaim is a testament to his talent, dedication, and authenticity. With "cold/mess" as his shining jewel, Kuhad continues to enchant audiences with his soul-stirring music, proving that great music knows no boundaries. As he continues to evolve as an artist, one can only anticipate more timeless tunes and international acclaim on the horizon for this gifted musician.